Other XA Solutions

Progressive XA users are always looking for new and creative ways to add functionality to their core XA system. These applications help leverage your XA foundation to deliver improved access to data and additional functionality to meet the needs of your business.

XA Extender-Your Data Anywhere! Catavolt’s Extender application delivers XA data and enables XA transactions anywhere you need it- iPhone, Blackberry, and Web applications are just a start. Using their extensive XA knowledge, Catavolt builds on XA Integrator and SystemLink to provide a fast, secure, and simple way to link your entire organization and beyond. With XA access using any device connected to the Internet, some creative thinking can have surprisingly big results.
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Lean Execution for XA Agility’s eKanban solution helps you combine lean shop floor execution integrated with your XA data and processes. eKanban users have significantly reduced inventories while reducing cycle time and operating expenses.
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Spreadsheet Automation You use Excel, and you use XA. Why not leverage them! Global Software’s Spreadsheet Automation suite allows you to use Excel to improve the visibility and reporting of XA information. From financial reports, to executive dashboards, to enterprise budgeting, Global can help you improve access to and management of XA data.
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eFORMz is a powerful, next-generation electronic forms automation solution for formatting, personalizing and delivering XA application output. eFORMz converts standard print output into attractive, functional documents that can be distributed via print, fax, email, and the web. With eFORMz there is no need to learn another development language, you can use Microsoft Word or Adobe as your forms generator!
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